Body Percussion handbook

Educational ideas, tracks and exercises for learning how to perform body music

Salvo Russo’s Body Percussion handbook is a practical guide to get to know better the world of body music.

It contains educational ideas, tracks and exercises, along with tips and tricks to stimulate musical creativity.

In this multisensiotal game involving children and adults alike, the undisputed stars are your voice, your body, and some objects and musical instruments.

We can recommend this handbook to those who want to enrich their own musical and creative knowledge, by improving their expertise in rhythm and Body Percussion.

Your body is actually a proper musical instrument, and it is able to sound and re-sound through the conscious and unconscious movements that we make during the day. All these movements are regulated and harmonized by our Nervous System, which acts as a real orchestra leader.

Studying this handbook will be an exciting experience, which will make you uncover your own and other people’s musicality. A wonderful journey that can be recommended at school and in everyday life, with a lot of music to play, reinvent, live and share!

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