Body percussion

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What does body percussion mean? How can you learn it?

Body Percussion (or Body music) is the art of generating sounds with different parts of our body, which we use as a real musical instrument.

Besides using our body to walk or performing our usual movements, we can use it to create music, without having to rely on traditionally approved musical instruments.

Our body is indeed a mechanical structure which can generate an infinite array of sounds.

Clapping hands, stamping feet, snapping fingers, whistling, producing sounds with your voice, clicking your tongue, etc.: these are just some of the endless means your body has to make music.

Human body is a wonderful and complex musical instrument that everybody can use. We will try to explore, get to know and harmonize it through the global approach of Body Percussion.

Are there Body Percussion classes, and who can attend them?

Body Percussion classes are a wonderful chance to get to know and experience the musical capacities of our body

We offer many classes of every level, addressed to children and adults of every age. Our classes have always earned a great deal of interest and participation, both in Italy and abroad.

Always more teachers and students of any grade are choosing to attend Body Percussion classes, workshops and seminars throughout the entire school year.

Making music with your body is an exciting and complete musical experience! It’s a way to not just listen to music, but to get to live it!

Where can I find videos about Body Percussion?

Salvo Russo’s Youtube channel videos about Body Percussion have become a worldwide benchmark in this topic.

Each video offers tutorials, exercises, lessons, practical demonstrations and many useful ideas to find out more about Body Percussion.

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